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Calum Robshaw is an Actor, Director, Writer and Theatre Practitioner based in London.

A graduate of East 15 Acting School studying on the Cert HE One Year Course. Upon completion of his training, Calum then went on to travel to Italy where he studied Commedia del Arte with one of the world’s leading practitioners in Physical Comedy: Antonio Fava  .He has since completed a 6 month Theatre in Education Tour of Italy, where he performed educational plays and facilitated English workshops to the children of Italy. This tour allowed him to perform in cities such as Rome, Milan, Verona and the Island of Capri.

In 2015 Calum began training again with Fourth Monkey Theatre Company on the “Year of the Monkey Course” performing in this year’s Edinburgh Fringe in “The Ark” and “Sodom”.Calum is an associate artist for Scram Collective, an emerging new Theatre Company consisting of Fourth Monkey alumnus.

Calum’s most recent acting work includes his performance of “Gus” in “Never Trust a Man Bun” at Theatre N16 and his site- specific outdoor performance of “Page” in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” with Scram Collective.

Furthermore, he has begun various directorial and writing roles with various companies such as: Scram Collective, The New Shoreditch Theatre, Instinct Theatre, Actors Awareness, Emberfly Theatre and Glass Half Full Theatre.

Calum is currently working on “The Sherlock Experience” with “Les Enfants Terrible'” at Madame Tussaud’s and directing “Speci- Man” at The Barons Court Theatre with Actors Awareness. He is also working and directing with Glass Half Full Theatre on “Our Big Love Story”.

Calum is Co- Artistic Director for both “Loosely Based Theatre” and “Into The Fire Theatre”. He is also on the board of Directors for “All or Nothing Rep Theatre”.



Calum is represented by ABA Management.

The stand out performance though is from Calum Robshaw, who’s character has real depth. He plays the awkward and slightly desperate Gus. At the beginning of the play you laugh with and admittedly at him, as he shows off his over priced and some what lame apron, by the end of the play you feel great empathy for him. His impressive comic delivery mixed with his ability to be present and truthful make for a great and moving performance.

“Never Trust a Man Bun” Review – Emelia Marshall Lovsey,  Actors Awareness


“The audience’s darling, the UK diplomat Charlie (Calum Robshaw), is a frightening mix of public school blubbering champagne-guzzling man-child and Nigel Farage. Robshaw’s performance is hilarious, and further deepens the disgust as his atrocious policies are flippantly enforced. This well-pitched comic relief is a God-send in a show that occasionally veers on the monotonous or dense.”

Review for “The Ark” – Broadway Baby

“I was inspired by your delight in the text”

Andrew Norton, Mornings of April and May

“Very positive attitude, consistently working for and with the group”

Susan Tordoff, Censored

“Calum is one of the most delightful young performers I have had the pleasure of working with in over 20 years.  He has journeyed extensively as a performer.  I cannot recommend him more to you.”

Jonathan Goodwin, Head of part time learning at Arts Ed.

Calum shows an ability to go beyond what is expected to get the job done. He is very dedicated to getting the best out of himself and others. He is a natural leader and is able to think on his feet and respond in the moment. He shows great maturity and responsibility… He has a very positive outlook.”

Colin Farquharson, East 15

“Calum is excellent… giving a realistic and raw performance that keeps a tight hold on the audience’s attention right up to the final, heart-breaking scenes… It brings the character to life in a way that feels fresh and fascinating.”

Kes Review




Actor & Musician